Don’t Let Volume Cost You Fraud Losses

Research has shown that the use of current analytics systems is invaluable when it comes to the identification of potentially fraudulent activity on customer cards and accounts. Yet the leading indicators of fraud tend to slip through the cracks as those small dollar transactions score do not yield a high score on the prevailing risk models.

At the customer level, this means it is typically not cost effective to research these transactions using existing methods, thus complicating validations.

RediVerify offers a new type of solution to this common obstacle by providing low cost communication options allowing you to contact your customers in a manner that is both quick and efficient.

Solutions that Fit Your Customers

As technology continues to advance, it is important to realize that there is no single way to reach your customers. At least, not if you want to achieve consistent reliability. The reality is that not everyone has a mobile phone, coupled with the fact that there is an ever-growing group of consumers who have decided to forgo landlines all together.

This is why we make a point to match the verification method directly to the customer preference. By leveraging this type of targeted interaction RediVerify is able to maximize our connection rates while reducing the time it takes to reach the consumer.

An Individualized Approach

No matter which contact method they choose, your customers demand the highest level of service. They require confidentiality, security and knowledge that are both timely and accurate. This is why RediVerify makes a point to offer extensive institutional preferences options in terms of crafting customer contact methods.

This allows you to control what time of day your customers are contacted and even gives them access to a live fraud specialist. With this approach you have access to the fastest suspect resolution possible while still maintaining the highest level of customer service.

A Customer Centric Approach

No matter what type of analytic approach you take, the only true identifier of any fraud transaction is customer verification. Those seeking to commit fraud are intelligent, organized and relentless. To defeat them we must minimize the amount of time it takes to contact the customer as we seek to notify more customers than ever before.

RediVerify is the tool that allows you to take your fight against fraud to a new level.