Choosing the best partner in fraud prevention is key to your fraud mitigation strategy. A good partner should manage your data accurately to provide reliable authentification, it should integrate seamlessly into your day-to-day and into your customer's day-to-day, and it should provide full transactions lifecycle protection to deliver the results you require.

“Our debit card fraud has reduced by over 80% with the RediVerify solution roll out.

The software was beneficial to reducing losses for the bank. It also helped us in

serving our clients with a first-class, easy to use solution”.

Paula Bodkin
Senior Vice President, CFO & COO for EvaBank



Help for Financial Institutions

Under the RediVerify platform, you'll gain a better understanding of where fraud is coming from and how to manage it. The RediVerify dashboard allows a birds-eye view to monitor fraud and adjust your risk to suit your business. It will also reduce the overall strain on your operational teams, freeing them to manage and monitor more efficiently and cost effectively. This can be a game-changer for cost control and operational efficiency. All while providing a greater overall customer experience. 

We work closely with you throughout the deployment process to ensure the proper checks and reviews are made before moving into the live environment. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for the institution to gain the tools they need to work more efficiently and cost effectively. Below is a typical timeline:


Protect Your Customers and Your Financial Institution from Fraud Activity

RediVerify integrates seamlessly into you and your customer's daily routines to protect, verify, and secure your customer's accounts from fraudulent takeover. Through historical data and machine learning, RediVerify builds a model, based on your customer's spending patterns and behaviors to quickly detect when unusual activity occurs. It then instantly alerts you and your customer if abnormal activity is detected, providing a way to proactively respond and prevent sophisticated attacks. 

No matter what type of analytic approach you take, the only true identifier of any fraud transaction is through your customer. Those seeking to commit fraud are intelligent, organized, and relentless. To defeat them we must minimize the amount of time it takes to contact the customer as we seek to notify more customers than ever before.

Solutions that Fit Your Customer's Way of Life

With RediVerify, customers get instant alerts allowing them to take immediate action and prevent future attacks from happening. The customer chooses their personal verification method that works best for their lifestyle. Whether is by phone call, text, an app message, and/or e-mail, RediVerify will leverage the targeted interaction to reduce the time it takes to notify your customer concerning an abnormal action, allowing the customer to review and block suspicious activity while it's transpiring.

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