REDiNotify automates financial tasks and delivers customizable, real-time, multi-channel communications to your customers and members.

Inform and empower with personalized, real-time alerts

Real Time

Eliminate batch processing delays and publish events in real-time, allowing your accountholders to receive and act on alerts quickly.

User Driven

Users can choose what they receive alerts about, and how they receive them directly from your website or mobile app.

Multi-Channel Delivery

Increase engagement and decrease response time by reaching your members and customers via the channels of their choice.
  • Push notifications
  • Text message
  • Email
  • Outbound call

Notification Options

REDiNotify can alert accountholders to a wide array of events, such as:
  • Fraud alerts
  • Direct deposits
  • Check clearings
  • Negative balances
  • Email & phone number changes
  • Payment due and past due
REDi Notify

A High-Impact Solution

Reduce Expenses

Reduce support calls and branch visits by allowing account holders to manage their notification preferences, and automatically delivering account related information.

Increase Revenue

Self service capabilities free up customer service resources to focus on higher value interactions, while proactive communication keeps your institution top of mind.

Improve Customer Experience

Ease of use, customizability, and account-related reminders simplify your account holders’ lives, increasing brand engagement and affinity.

Reduce Fraud Losses

Eliminating batch processing delays and delivering real-time notifications reduces the time between fraud detection and accountholder action.

Seamless Integration.

World-Class Support.

With more than 100 customers throughout the US, the REDi team has experience integrating with a wide array of platforms ensuring a smooth, seamless integration that’s backed by a dedicated, knowledgeable, and accessible team, ready to assist you through implementation and beyond. 

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