October 15, 2017


REDi Enterprise Development is a leading risk management software provider with a comprehensive suite of lending, compliance, and fraud prevention solutions. Through REDi’s unmatched, superior service, they focus on reducing operational risk for institutions, allowing financial institutions to focus on what matters most – their customers, growth and building relationships. REDi has
had tremendous success in preventing debit card fraud for banks and credit unions with

Today, REDi announced the expansion of the successful REDiVerify platform across the entire enterprise. Now, financial intuitions can leverage the same reliable and customizable platform for purposes other than fraud notifications, through the same channels that the financial institution’s customers are familiar with and trust.

REDiNotify allows a financial institution to communicate with customers in multiple use cases, such as deposit hold and release, overdraft limit changes, teller transaction receipts, ATM receipts, NSF alerts, loan payment due notification, maturity notices, loan payment past due notice, and more. Notifications can be provided via multiple delivery channels, such as eMail, IVR, SMS, mobile push notification and through third party web API integration.

Rod Fuller, CFO and Partner of REDi, commented,

“Our institutions enjoy being able to integrate their customer notifications to multiple systems, including their core provider, teller platform, ATM network, CRM tool, and more. Plus, our institutions have complete control over the timing of notification
delivery. Such as on-demand, scheduled and real-time to assure appropriate delivery for any use case.”

Chris Renshaw, CEO of REDi, shares,

“REDiNotify gives financial institutions the power to deliver fast and effective communications to their customers or members. Having multiple channels is imperative to reaching the customer. Everyone banks differently. We can reach people the way they want to be
reached. For example, if someone makes a mistake and their account goes NSF, they no longer need to wait 3 days to find out by mail while possibly pilling up more NSF charges. This is great customer service that the big banks don’t offer!”

With the changes in customer demands and communication preferences, REDi spent extensive hours seeking feedback from their bank and credit union clients to determine the best course of action to deliver an Enterprise Notification Platform. The extensive research and development efforts have led to the robust, yet customizable notification platform available to REDi’s clients today. View a brief video here. For additional information on REDi’s products and services, visit www.44redi.com.


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